AFNI Command of the Week: 3dcopy

Nothing earth-shattering here: Just a straightforward conversion command to let AFNI import data from different file types, such as .nii or .img/.hdr extensions. However, when I first started out doing FMRI analysis it took me quite a while to realize that this command was out there; so if you're in the same boat, here it is.

For conversion to AFNI's BRIK/HEAD format, simply type in the name of the dataset to be converted, followed by an output name, e.g.:

3dcopy r01.nii r01
----> r01+orig.HEAD r01+orig.BRIK

Datasets can also be converted the other way around, using something like 3dAFNItoNIFTI, 3dAFNItoANALYZE, etc. Using 3dcopy on a dataset already in .BRIK/.HEAD format will simply rename the dataset without affecting the extension, similar to 3drename.

Note that virtually all of AFNI's commands will output data in BRIK/HEAD format no matter what the input dataset, so you probably will not use this command that often. However, if you absolutely, positively, need to have a dataset in AFNI format - and you need it NOW - then 3dcopy is your new best friend. Move over, thirty pack of Keystone Light!