Surface Rendering in SPM

Because everybody loves a good surface rendering, SPM has a built-in, quick-and-dirty tool for splashing those results on your brain surface like splashing pool water at your friends while on your spring break trip to Cancun. (Swing and a miss - but hey, at least I went for it.) I think this technique is a little dated, and personally I think Freesurfer and SUMA do a much better job; but if you just want a quick figure, and if you want to at least earn the bare minimum of respect from your fellow researchers - classified as one step above slime and two steps below the macaque monkey - then this will help you earn that respect. I know what you're thinking: What about telling your fellow researchers that you dress yourself in the morning? Surprisingly, that doesn't work nearly as well.

More details on the strengths, limitations, and spraypaint-like features of surface rendering can be found in the following video.